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Mase ft. HER – “Why Can’t We”

The good pastor can't stay away...


The good pastor can’t stay away. Mase sneaks in a new joint to close 2013 and begin the hype for a project called Now We Even. The production has a smooth ambiance, but Mase’s trademark monotone is an awkward styles clash. This would have went down much better with an emcee that has more energy in their delivery. Nonetheless, “We Can’t We” is decent for a first offering.


  1. Mase could of been one of the GOATS, I said it before IMO he’s got 2 classics with Double Up and Harlem World, and his Children of the Corn schitt was crazy. And with the Bad Boy momentum after BIG past he could of really pushed on.

    The only music that I really like when he returned (for the 100th time) was the Officer tune with 50…

    This tune is ok, but the levels don’t seem to gel, its not so much the styles, it sounds like he recorded it in his room haha

    1. I agree…it’s alright…but it seems like he isn’t going in on this track…on purpose almost.I give it a “C+”.

      1. I wish Mase had a larger classic catalog to look back on and listen to, the C.O.C music is great but mostly bad sound quality and I rinsed Double Up and Harlem World too many times to listen to them for a long time, bit like Pun and BIGs discography….

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