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[Video] RINGSIDE – Groves vs. Froch 10/31/13

"You're gonna cry? Don't cry; I can hear your voice breaking. What? You're gonna cry?!... You alright?" - George Groves to Carl Froch


When word started reaching the States that Carl Froch nearly had a meltdown courtesy of George Groves during their Halloween Ringside appearance, I was convinced the reports were greatly exaggerated. Not Froch, the man who’s showed nerves of steel in all of his big fights. It couldn’t be the Froch who spent years trash-talking and attempting to goad Joe Calzaghe into a superfight.

Well, it was that Froch as you’ll see from the below video. From my viewpoint, Groves didn’t say anything outrageous, but he’s clearly gotten under Froch’s skin to the point it appeared in the final minutes that Froch was either going to attack, start screaming, or as Groves put in cheeky fashion, burst into tears.

Based on their resumes and skills, Froch should win this. But if Groves can take his punch and go blow for blow with him, it’ll be very interesting to see how Froch mentally deals with it. The entire clip is worth a watch, but skip to 35:00 mark for the start of the issues. FYI, sound syncing is a little off.

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  1. I really don’t understand people saying Froch lost this round, far from it IMO, just because he’s a bit pissed off doesn’t mean he’s gonna lose his concentration in the ring.

    If Froch started jumping around and arguing like a kid (like groves was acting) I would consider that a meltdown and worrying on Froch’s part… For me Froch just treated him like a little kid, belittled him and treated him like an annoying kid…

    I used to route for Groves but its been hard to like him lately, he’s so cringeworthy, the way he talks out the side of his mouth, and starred at Froch, for me the way he acted on Ringside was embarrassing, its the first time Ive wanted him to get folded in a fight…

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