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New Self Made 3 Leaks From Rockie Fresh, Rick Ross, Lupe, Wale & Jadakiss

Rick Ross punctuates his announcement of the 8/6/13 release date for "Self Made 3" with a trio of hot leaks...


With Rick Ross’s announcement today that his MMG crew will again be dropping a Self Made sequel for the summer on August 6, the collective has blessed fans with three leaks. Rockie Fresh was first up earlier today with  track called “God Is Great.” Based on Meek Mill’s blasphemous “Amen,” you couldn’t help but expect something distasteful. Yeah, praising God for hoes and expensive watches isn’t that much better than what Meek served up, but Boi-1da’s down tempo grooves helped this one go down much easier.


Next up was Wale, Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco on “Poor Decisions.” Jake Uno is on the beat and Ross kicks it off detailing how young hustlers, despite their entrepreneurial savvy, even up making fatal mistakes out in the streets. Lupe Fiasco absolutely kills his verse and this is another acute reminder of how potent he can be over traditional Hip-Hop production.


Last but certainly not least is another heater from the Justice League. To call the production “smooth” is an understatement. This is some lavish, 80s-styled R&B rhythms that has the cinematic feel of Miami. Ross eats it up and Jada provides a solid closing to what has been an excellent day of music from the MMG camp. Self Made 3 has a good chance to be one of the top projects to drop this summer.

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