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The world can’t be saved alone. That theme forms the basis of the latest trailer for Justice League, aptly titled “Heroes.”

Like most ensemble films, we get glimpses of the heroes struggling to succeed on their own, driving home the importance of joining forces to take out the cosmic threat of Steppenwolf. Also, the fallout of Superman’s death in Batman vs. Superman looks to play heavily into the cinematic universe.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.




As much as we’re ready to tackle a forthcoming infinite war next year, we all have more urgent business coming this November. Warner Bros. utilized this weekend’s Comic Con event to drop the official trailer for the much anticipated Justice League movie.

Living in a world without Superman, the remaining meta humans are tasked with taking down the godlike Steppenwolf. For those unaware, Steppenwolf is a general from a hell-like world known as Apokolis. His leader, Darkseid, has yet to be seen in the films, but we glimpsed the dystopian future he created during the flashback sequences in Batman v Superman. Steppenwolf has killed several League members before in the comics, so he presents a deadly challenge to a group that doesn’t have Superman to rely on.

Or so we think. The ending of this trailer gives a not so subtle hint that the Man of Steel may return to save the day.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.


Justice for all! The long-awaited trailer for Justice League is here. Heavy emphasis is placed on the newcomers to the DC cinematic universe, namely Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash.

The tone and look of the movie will give you flashbacks of Suicide Squad, which can be good or terrible depending on your stance on that film. Trendy music and jokes abound so the success of Justice League will come down to how well they pace the new character origins against the looming threat of Darkseid and his minions. And perhaps most importantly, it looks like we’re finally getting a project where Aquaman gets some god damned respect!

The absence of Superman looms large, but it’s hard to imagine we don’t see the the team’s flagship leader resurrected (note the Lois Lane appearance). All questions get answered in November.


With Rick Ross’s announcement today that his MMG crew will again be dropping a Self Made sequel for the summer on August 6, the collective has blessed fans with three leaks. Rockie Fresh was first up earlier today with  track called “God Is Great.” Based on Meek Mill’s blasphemous “Amen,” you couldn’t help but expect something distasteful. Yeah, praising God for hoes and expensive watches isn’t that much better than what Meek served up, but Boi-1da’s down tempo grooves helped this one go down much easier.


Next up was Wale, Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco on “Poor Decisions.” Jake Uno is on the beat and Ross kicks it off detailing how young hustlers, despite their entrepreneurial savvy, even up making fatal mistakes out in the streets. Lupe Fiasco absolutely kills his verse and this is another acute reminder of how potent he can be over traditional Hip-Hop production.


Last but certainly not least is another heater from the Justice League. To call the production “smooth” is an understatement. This is some lavish, 80s-styled R&B rhythms that has the cinematic feel of Miami. Ross eats it up and Jada provides a solid closing to what has been an excellent day of music from the MMG camp. Self Made 3 has a good chance to be one of the top projects to drop this summer.