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[Video] Upset of the Year Contender: Tony Thompson TKO2 David Price

First big upset of 2013 comes to us from across the pond...



LIVERPOOL, England — ┬áDavid Price’s undefeated record evaporated in the second round earlier today via a shocking upset knockout at the hands of Tony Thompson.

The end came off a seemingly light, clubbing overhand right. The shot landed behind Price’s ear and sent the 6’9 heavyweight toppling backwards to the canvas. Referee Steve Gray deemed Price in no condition to continue.

The upset is the 41- year-old Thompson’s most significant victory since winning a title eliminator against Luan Krasniqi in 2007.


Can’t even imagine how Price is feeling being dropped like that in front of his hometown fans. Thompson is ancient even by heavyweight standards and can into the fight at a career-high of 262 pounds. No one gave him any shot. And as expected, fans are having a field day at Price’s expense with the glass chin jokes being that the KO shot didn’t look particularly devastating. Like Seth Mitchell in America, we’ll see if Price has the fortitude to rebound over the rest of the year.

In the meantime, guys like Tyson Fury and Bryant Jennings currently stand alone as the sports unblemished “young” heavyweights.


  1. absolutely gutted… thompson hit him right behind the ear, glass chin jokes are irrelevant, anyone gets hit in that spot let n lone 19stone or whatever thompson weighs, your equilibrium is gone and not coming back… 30seconds later he was fine… price was in full control up into then, but thats heavyweight boxing for you…

    thompson should of showed more respect after, shouting his mouth off and all that…

    price would still knock fury out 2moro…

  2. to be fair to thompson though, his post fight interview was very sportsman like and respectful, so, fair play, nice bloke…

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