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Pacquiao Legal Team Seeks Default Judgment in Mayweather Lawsuit

To date, Mayweather has failed to appear and answer over 20 previous deposition attempts.

Legal representatives for Manny Pacquiao’s defamation lawsuit against  Floyd Mayweather have filed for a default judgment due to Mayweather’s refusal to answer the charges.

To date, Mayweather has failed to appear and answer over 20 previous deposition attempts. Pacquiao filed his lawsuit against Mayweather and Golden Boy Promotions last year, stating that both defamed him with accusations of steroid use. Pacquiao has since dropped Golden Boy from the lawsuit.

“Mayweather is not above the law,” explained Pacquaio attorney Daniel Petrocelli to the Associated Press. “He’s essentially forfeited his right for a defense… He is basically undermining the legal process.”

Mayweather is currently in training and completing media requirements for his September 17 championship bout against WBC welterweight championship Victor Ortiz. However, Pacquiao’s 15-page motion includes photos of Mayweather attending parties and other social events to prove he’s brazenly avoiding the lawsuit.

At press time, Floyd Mayweather could not be reached for comment.

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