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BILOXI, MISS. — Not even a full month after a Fight of the Year level contest between Andrzej Fonfara and Nathan Cleverly, the Premier Boxing Champions brand held another light-heavyweight war last night. This time, former title challenger Edwin Rodriguez got off the deck twice to inflict three knockdowns on Michael Seals¬†and score a dramatic third round TKO at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino.

A COCKY VETERAN ALMOST GETS EMBARRASSED: The experienced Rodriguez was the favorite coming in and rightly so. Seals had a glossy record (19-0) but hadn’t faced elite opponent. In the opening 30 seconds, Rodriguez was bullying Seals backwards with his strength and scored a knockdown off a hard left. Rodriguez was mugging it up with fans ringside while the count was going, showing a lack of focus that he almost paid dearly for.

When action resumed, Rodriguez came with haymakers looking for the finish. Seals remained calmed, used a left shoulder roll and countered with a straight right. Rodriguez went toppling backwards to the canvas. He was hurt even worse and when dropped again in the final 10 seconds of the opening round, ensuring Rodriguez would be saved by the bell in a “Round of the Year” candidate.


THE SHOULDER ROLL AIN’T FOR EVERYONE: Seals undoing came from is reliance on the shoulder roll. Mayweather’s patented move requires supreme reflexes and timing, something Seals hasn’t mastered. The result? Rodriguez regained control by hurting Seals with several overhand rights. Seals hit the canvas late in the second round and was nearly stopped in the closing seconds.

There would be no further momentum shifts. Rodriguez pounded Seals with more right hands and sent him careening off the ropes for the final knockdown and stoppage 24 seconds into the third.

Seals revealed later that in injury in the first round severely hampered his strategy.

“Every time I threw my jab it landed, but I dislocated my shoulder in the first round,” Seals said. “I had him with my punches. If I had all my tools, there is no way he could have beat me.
I had him beat in the second round. I know it. I felt like the ref was going to stop it. If he stopped it with me, why didn’t he stop it with him?
It was a great fight. He is a tough guy. I want a rematch. Please give it to me.”
RODRIGUEZ VS. FONFARA OR STEVENSON: Rodriguez likes to go to war and made it clear on who he’s targeting in Andrzej Fonfara and Adonis Stevenson. The latter would be for the title and more lucrative, but he has a better chance against Fonfara. Stevenson’s power and speed is too much for Rodriguez and results in an early blowout. He’s still an underdog against Fonfara, but that’s an attrition war that would be decided by conditioning.


Method¬† Man and friends bring the pain on the standout posse cut “Gutta,” off the Shaolin vet’s new album The Meth Lab. They’re gonna take that Meth and Red chemistry to their graves.

CABAZON, CALIFORNIA — Jermain Taylor and Andre Dirrell¬†returned from prolonged medical sabbaticals¬†with dominant knockout wins last night (December 30) on a special Showtime tripleheader.

An early injury to his right hand caused Jermain Taylor (29-4-1, 18 KOs)¬† to rely on his formidable jab and a newly found left hook to break down Jessie Nicklow¬†(22-3-3, 8 KOs). The 33-year-old¬†Taylor came out throwing heavy uppercuts¬†and right hands. Nicklow¬†tried to pressure, but found himself unable to get past Taylor’s long left jab. Outside of a glancing left hook in the third, Taylor retained complete control of the early rounds.

A Nicklow¬†bloody nose by the fourth round was a testament to the effectiveness of Taylor’s jab. The former middleweight champion used it as a power punch and seemed reluctant to finish with right hands, hinting at the later confirmed injury. In the fifth, Taylor diversified his attack with left hooks downstairs which clearly bothered Nicklow. By the sixth, Taylor was tripling the left hook but lost a point for hitting after the bell.

After landing a big right at the end of the seventh, Taylor picked up his dominance in the eighth by backing up Nicklow with power shots. A Taylor right stunned Nicklow, and a follow-up left hook prompted a stoppage from referee Patrick Connolly. Nicklow protested vehemently and the crowd booed loudly.

Taylor explained he was anxious to get back in the ring to work off additional ring rust. Although not going into specifics, Taylor affirmed his desire for top competition in 2012.

“I’ll never run from nobody,” said Taylor. “We see that jab is back on…I’m ready for whoever!”

Andre Dirrell (20-1, 14 KOs) showcased his trademark speed but added devastating power in a quick dispatching of Darryl Cunningham (24-3, 10 KOs).

The smaller, 37-year-old¬†Cunningham was kept at bay in the first round by Dirrell¬†jabs and straight lefts to the body. In the second, Dirrell¬†exploded with two fast lead straight lefts that badly hurt Cunningham. After holding and getting some extra time, Dirrell immediately dropped him with another straight left. Cunningham beat the count and tried to hold, but was dropped again by a short¬†right hook inside despite more recovery time¬†since Cunningham’s corner was indecisive after initially throwing in the towel. Cunningham made it to his feet again but was in no condition to continue.

Dirrell, now 28 after nearly two years out the ring, vowed to push hard to win a title in the upcoming year.

“2012 is mine, I promise you!” said Dirrell. “Everything I threw was with full confidence..I’d like to pick up my game 100%. It’s almost like starting over… If you’re ready for me,call me out or I’ll call you out…The window is short; I’m 28 years old and ready for that title.”

The card’s opening bout featured Cuban standout Luis Garcia (12-0, 9 KOs)¬†winning a lopsided eight round decision over Alexander Johnson (21-1, 5 KOs). After showing some good signs early countering Garcia, Johnson would go into a shell by the fourth. Garcia appeared close to a stoppage behind clubbing right hands and hooks downstairs, but the Cuban prospect did not consistently throw heavy shots. Garcia would take the decision by scores of 80-71 and 80-72 twice. Johnson could be heard blaming his performance on an undisclosed stomach ailment.

“Boxing is not out of his system, not yet…”

It’s been¬†two years¬†since Jermain Taylor was badly knocked out by Arthur Abraham in one of the opening bouts of the Super Six tournament. After being knocked out in three of his last five fights, Taylor took a sabbatical which most people thought would turn into a full-fledged retirement. Instead, Taylor will return to the ring tonight (December 30) against Jessie Nickllow on a special Showtime doubleheader that also features a¬†returning¬†Andre Dirrell. Check out Taylor’s last big interview in 2010 on Showtime’s Fight Camp 360. Tonight’s card begins at 11 PM ET.

HBO will feature replays of their biggest fights of 2011 starting next Monday (December 26). Considering how their 2011 began with Alexander-Bradley, HBO had a solid year overall and even one definite Fight of the Year candidate (Berto-Ortiz I). Check you local listings for times.

Nas: The School Dropout [Kanye Blend MIXTAPE]

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If you’re into blends, you should enjoy this¬†mix of Nas’ rhymes with Kanye West’s production. There’s not many blend tapes that mesh well with Nas, so it’s very impressive how natural JC Skillz and I.L.L. makes most of these tracks sound. Who’d of thought of combining Nas’ “Black Zombies” and Ye’s “Monster?” Or “You Owe Me” with “Touch the Sky?” Check the below combinations of Common and Nas’ “Ghetto Dreams” with “Otis” and “Warrior Song” with “Crack Music”¬†to see¬†if this is up your alley.





KRS-One “We Must Become One”

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The Teacher is back with another lesson. KRS¬†speaks on bringing Hip-Hop beyond a music product to a literal city. Yes, you heard right —¬†an actual utopia with Hip-Hop culture as the basis. While that¬†is a big stretch, the idea of¬†economic¬†and social unity in Hip-Hop is¬†something that needs to be emphasized. It’s interesting to note that over 20¬†years ago, KRS emphasized¬†being #1 on the classic “I’m Still #1.” Now, the focus is on bringing the community into a unified¬†whole. If rappers want to¬†be¬†seen as legit artists and not caricatures of themselves into their 40 and 50s, this is the type of content change/growth that should be expected.