Anthony David: “The Sound of Love” [MIXTAPE, FREE DOWNLOAD]

Posted: February 25, 2011 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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“I just heard this CD by Anthony David, who’s an R&B guy- I put him on there. That’s brand new, so I’m kind of enjoying that a lot now.” – First Lady Michelle Obama

In previous administrations, a First Lady cosign on an R&B/soul artist wouldn’t mean much. Let’s face it, you’re not copping anything based on what Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton recommends. Bill Clinton, maybe. Now First Lady Michelle Obama, something just tells me she’s just a little more trendy than her predecessors. And I can cosign her judgement of talent with this latest release mixtape release from Anthony David, The Sound of Love.

This tape is composed by the Superfriends (DJ Drama, DJ Mars and DJ Doc) and combines old favorites, new exclusives and remixes from David’s catalogue. If you aren’t up to speed on David, here’s your best chance. Shout out to DJ Rahdu and his blog for posting the original link.



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