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Kanye feat. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver “Monster” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Had this come out in early November, it would've given Minaj's debut an even bigger push.

Kanye and company were able to squeeze in this long-awaited “Monster” before we roll into 2011. To tie in with the song’s title, Kanye went heavy on the garish images, utilizing dead models laid out in contorted positions. ‘Ye has a very nice visual where he’s rhyming while female hands constantly pull at him from behind, which can be interpreted as sexual, ominous, or both depending on the viewer. Ross’s bars are short, so all we get for his part is the Miami emcee puffing on a cigar in the midst of hanging women. Jay keeps it stoic, and doesn’t interact any with his background, which includes a dead model lying on a couch. After having to deny constant Illuminati talk this year, he perhaps didn’t want to give theorists any more ammunition. Nicki Minaj got all the attention for her verse, and she rightly gets the most involved scenario for her part. It features S&M bondage with a pink-wigged Minaj being interrogated by a more unstable, dominatrix version of herself (probably her Roman Zolanski character).

Some people might be tired of these Lady Gaga type videos, but it works considering the song is titled “Monster.” Unfortunately (especially for Nicki), it doesn’t quite have the punch it intended because the song is so old (dropping back in August). Had this come out in early November, it would’ve given Minaj’s debut an even bigger push.

The video is directed by Jake Nava.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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