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[Video] Young M.A – “Hot Sauce”

Posted: March 14, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Young M.A takes in the voluptuous views at New York’s Aces strip club in her new visuals for “Hot Sauce.” Nothing groundbreaking, but you see enough booty shots to get the picture. No date yet on M.A’s Herstory EP.



Which part are you here for? Schoolboy and the faceless homies? The fine women gyrating on the school bus? Kanye enjoying his very own in-house stripper? Whichever visual grabs your eye, Schoolboy Q and Kanye are here to make sure you enjoy the surrealist ride that makes up the video for “THat Part.” Schoolboy’s currently untitled album drops July 8.


The latest stripper anthem for the radio comes from Kid Ink’s “Body Language” with support from Usher and Tinashe. Despite the big names guests, the true stars are the ample derierres on all the dancers.

“That pussy is used…” – Adrien Broner


Adrien Broner loves the strippers. At a recent gentleman’s club appearance, a turned up version of the WBC lightweight titlist got very intimate with a pole specialist via a brief cunnilingus encounter. Thankfully, Broner’s crew pulled him away before he converted the fourplay to a full on session.

I noted a lot of people on Twitter were aghast. I can say this as someone who’s been around athletes and artists that this isn’t uncommon behavior. And as far as boxing goes, the sport’s greatest figures (Ali, Johnson, Dempsey etc.) have also been womanizers/promiscuous. And some of their personal predilections tilt to the bizarre side, as evidenced by Oscar De La Hoya’s cross-dressing exploits.

Broner’s a flashy 23 year old bachelor (with a gang of kids), is coming into a lot of money quickly, and is in the age of big social media where nothing misses the camera. This type of fuckery is to be expected from him.

I’m interested in hearing the trash talk spin Broner’s next opponent Paulie Malignaggi puts on this. Paulie is going to be eating good (yes pun) off this over the next day or two.

Click the image below to see the footage. *NOT SAFE FOR WORK*


If you went to sleep last night waiting for Game’s latest “Sunday Service” drop, you’ll be starting off the day with thick strippers, Future and Young Jeezy on “I Remember.” Hearing Game doing his Future impersonation is worth the price of admission alone. Game’s Jesus Piece album drops on December 11.


The Game isn’t playing around with this profane experiment. After the mostly positive reception of his “Sunday Service #2” drop yesterday of “Holy Water,” Game drops a quick video that goes from quick shots of prayer books and Jesus Christ pieces to oversized stripper ass shaking. For what it is the clip works in catching your attention (and likely offending a good amount of God-fearing folks). You can’t help but feel Game could’ve really dropped a provocative, possibly storyline driven video for this one. But considering this won’t be making the album, money and time is probably better spent elsewhere. Jesus Piece drops December 11.


After a week of hype, the video for Juicy J’s stripper anthem is here. For those who were weaned on debauchery-laden videos from the likes of Nelly (“Tip Drill”) and Ludacris (“Pussy Poppin'”), this is comparatively tame even with the strippers and porn stars. But give Juicy a few points for the Brazzers advertisement. The track can be purchased HERE.