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Adrien Broner + Strip Club = Boondocks Moment

Adrien Broner loves the strippers

“That pussy is used…” – Adrien Broner


Adrien Broner loves the strippers. At a recent gentleman’s club appearance, a turned up version of the WBC lightweight titlist got very intimate with a pole specialist via a brief cunnilingus encounter. Thankfully, Broner’s crew pulled him away before he converted the fourplay to a full on session.

I noted a lot of people on Twitter were aghast. I can say this as someone who’s been around athletes and artists that this isn’t uncommon behavior. And as far as boxing goes, the sport’s greatest figures (Ali, Johnson, Dempsey etc.) have also been womanizers/promiscuous. And some of their personal predilections tilt to┬áthe bizarre side, as evidenced by Oscar De La Hoya’s cross-dressing exploits.

Broner’s a flashy 23 year old bachelor (with a gang of kids), is coming into a lot of money quickly, and is in the age of big social media where nothing misses the camera. This type of fuckery is to be expected from him.

I’m interested in hearing the trash talk spin Broner’s next opponent Paulie Malignaggi puts on this. Paulie is going to be eating good (yes pun) off this over the next day or two.

Click the image below to see the footage. *NOT SAFE FOR WORK*



  1. Lololol wow….would have not expected that from a professional boxer….highly not classy, but I can see the girl as being happy lololol.

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