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Daniel Caesar Falls Hard for a Dancer On “Who Hurt You?”

Daniel Caesar gets his whole world rocked by Priscilla.


Daniel Caesar has fallen for a stripper. But no worries — the Canadian singer makes the taboo sound highly appealing on his latest track “Who Hurt You?”

Caesar croons about his desire for Priscilla, a dancer he met while in Atlanta. She has him so open that he wants to fly her out. Even worse, her mind-blowing booty gyrations has him thinking there’s true love.

Take me back to Georgia, back to Atlanta
Funny how present turns past
I might fly Priscilla out just for banter
So mesmerized by that ass
The way she moves it I can tell that she loves me…

It gets worse. Poor Daniel is on a cross-country binge of strip clubs. But even from Louisiana to Vegas, Priscilla stays on his mind 24/7 (“Strippers out in Vegas, New Orleans too/ Booties just don’t shake like Priscilla’s do…“).

Someone get this man some help! In the meantime, we’ll sit here shaking our heads while enjoying the harmonies.

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