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LONDON — Middleweight contender Chris Eubank may have positioned himself as Gennady Golovkin’s next opponent after dominating Tom Doran over four one-sided rounds at the O2 Arena.

Eubank’s went on an offensive tear, relying on body shots and inside uppercuts to score three knockdowns. Afterward, Eubank declared he’s the only middleweight who’s serious about facing Golovkin, who holds the WBA, WBC and IBF titles.

“For me it’s all about making a statement,” said Eubank. “I feel I’m at the world level now. I’m coming for you Golovkin. People think you’re indestructible. I’m coming for you!

I’m a fighter’s fighter. Anyone worth their salt wants the best. Tom Doran is a solid fighter but [he] didn’t excite me. I want the guys that will put some spice in the game. I feel I’m ready.”

Eubank’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, confirmed that negotiations will begin with Golovkin’s camp this week.

Eubank improves to 23-1 while Doran suffers his first defeat, falling to 17-1.



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Photo Credit: Dave Nadkarni/Premier Boxing Champions

LAKELAND, FL — Premier Boxing Champions returns to Bounce TV tonight with a card headlined by Phil Lo Greco taking on local favorite Joseph Elegele. Both were close in weight yesterday tipping the scales at 149.6 for Lo Greco, and 149.4 for Elegele. This is a hard fight to call on paper since not much footage is available on Elegele, but you have to give the edge to Lo Greco based on the tougher competition he’s faced (Shawn Porter, Errol Spence).

Weigh Ins_Weigh-in_Dave Nadkarni _ Premier Boxing Champions6

In the co-main event, undefeated light heavyweight prospect Steve Lovett weighed in at 175.8 for his non-title contest against veteran Craig Baker (176). The rest of the weigh-in results are as follows:

Dauren Yeleussinov – Devaun Lee 163
David Gonzales 144.2 – Carlos Velasquez 142.2
Christian Camacho 127.6 – Caliel Castillo 129.8
Craig Duncan 167.4 – Victor DaRocha 167.4
Emmanuel Bermudez 145.2 – Randy Heddricks 147.8

The card airs live on Bounce TV at 9 p.m. ET.



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Amir Khan needed to deliver a perfect fight. He couldn’t afford any mistakes. There could not be one second of indecision.

All Canelo needed was one punch.

After struggling for several rounds to time Khan, Canelo delivered the frontrunner for KO of the year with a massive straight right that separated Khan from consciousness. A count was not necessary.

Through the first four rounds, Khan did a great job turning Canelo and using his speed to keep the middleweight champion at bay. But as the fight went into the fourth and fifth, Canelo was getting in hard left hooks and disrupting Khan’s movement with body shots.

This forced Khan to linger too long in the danger zone. A moment of indecision allowed Canelo’s the space he needed to end matters.

More from Vegas as the night progresses.




We all knew this fight was all wrong for Glen Tapia. Nearly a year out of the ring. Coming off a bad KO loss. First time at a new weight. Said first time being against one of the biggest punchers in the division.

Everyone knew except Glen Tapia, who found out just how bad a situation he was in when Lemieux started peppering him with left hooks and straight rights in the first time. Tapia had no reaction time and failed to throw a significant counter shot during the half-dozen instances of Lemieux landing combinations on him.

In the second, Tapia tried to up his punch output but Lemieux barely blinked. In the last minute, Tapia looked out on his feet after getting cracked up and downstairs with hooks. Round three also saw Tapia’s head spun with hooks from both Lemieux’s fists.

Fourth round had Lemieux bringing uppercuts into the equation. Tapia was felled by a left hook while trying to trade. He beat the count and was ready to resume when trainer Freddie Roach threw in the towel. As expected, Tapia was completely shocked.

“I was losing every round,” Tapia admitted afterward. “I felt slow. I couldn’t get off and felt tired.”

The only other logical outcome was Tapia unconscious on the floor. In due time, maybe he’ll come to accept his trainer did that so he could leave the ring with some dignity. Considering Glen’s comments about feeling lethargic, it would be dangerous to put him with more top guys. Retirement should be strongly considered.




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CURTIS STEVENS TKO2 PATRICK TEIXEIRA: Curtis Stevens lived up to his new “Cerebral Assassin” by quickly dissecting Patrick Teixeira.

Stevens was active on the inside and easily countered Teixeira with heavy power shots. Teixeira was hurt in the first and spent most of the round holding. In the second, he tried to get the jab working to establish distance. Stevens easily breached Teixeira’s guard and dropped him with a vicious right hook counter over a sloppy Teixeira left hand. Teixeira got to his feet by was too dazed to continue.

Teixiera came into this fight with a glossy 26-0  (22 KOs) record. Golden Boy was using this fight to test the Brazlian’s potential in the division. Don’t be surprised if Golden Boy cuts their losses.

As for Stevens, he has new life and is a good choice for the winner of tonight’s Lemieux-Tapia bout.

“The name of the game is to knock people out and that’s what I did tonight,” said Curtis Stevens. “I feel great to get back into the game after my one and a half year break. I really want Lemieux, but I will take whatever I can get. My head is right, and I’m ready to take on whoever.”



BROOKLYN — Tonight’s “Battle for Brooklyn” was settled quickly with Daniel Jacobs stopping Peter Quillin one minute and 25 seconds into the first round.

After a few inconsequential jabs from Quillin, Jacobs baited his rival with a left hook feint before landing a crushing right hand high on the temple. Quillin staggered into the ropes where Jacobs pounced with clusters of unanswered power shots.

When Quillin tried to fight off the ropes, he was met with another right that sent him careening into the ropes. The referee nearly called the fight when the punch landed, but took a second look at Quillin’s eyes before stopping the bout.

NEXT BUSINESS: This fight is massive win for Jacobs. Quillin is his first Top 5 opponent and the best since he lost to Dmitry Pirog. With Al Haymon’s PBC money fund behind him (Writer’s Note: Jacobs and Quillin both made $1.5 million tonight), he can make a lucrative offer to the IBF title winner between Andy Lee and Billy Joe Saunders. Chris Eubank is another potential fight.

Yes, Golovkin is still the best middleweight in the division. But Golovkin’s is in line to face Canelo Alvarez sometime next year, making a Jacobs fight unrealistic for the foreseeable future.

As for Quillin, tonight was the worst possible outcome. A move to super middleweight is probably on the cards, but expect a slow rebuild with subpar competition until the end of 2016.

Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto

Photo Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

LAS VEGAS — Floyd Mayweather added another historic accolade to close his career by easily defeating Andre Berto via unanimous decision (120-108, 118-110 and 117-111).The promise to fans that they’d see an “exciting” fight that would “push Mayweather” turned out to be a hollow one as Berto could not mount any consistent offense against the champion’s formidable defense. But the subdued action in the main event was made up for with one of the most entertaining undercards you’ll witness all year.

Jhonny Gonzales vs Jonathan Oquendo

AGGRESSIVE OQUENDO RISES FROM KNOCKDOWN, DECISIONS GONZALEZ: Veteran Jhonny Gonzalez’s latest comeback suffered a significant setback at the gloves of Jonathan Oquendo. After suffering a flash knockdown in the first, Oquendo dropped Gonzalez hard with a right hand in the second and nearly got an early stoppage. From there, the bout was an attrition battle between Oquendo’s wild but consistent aggression, punctuated by clubbing body shots and right hands, or Gonzalez’ s dominance at long-range and counter hooks. I had the pair splitting the last four rounds for a draw, but the judges preferred Oquendo via scores of 98-90, 95-93 and 94-94. That first score of 98-90 should be considered criminal.

“The judges favored him too much,” Gonzalez said. “He kept head butting me. It just didn’t go well. As soon as he knocked me down, nothing happened. I just got right back up.”

“I feel very happy,” said Oquendo. I knew I had to throw a lot of punches and work to get inside to get the victory. I was able to implement that game plan tonight.”
Gonzalez still has one viable fight — the rematch against Abner Mares. Both are coming off hard losses and it makes perfect sense. With their diminished statuses and PBC affiliation, it should be easy to make.
As for Oquendo, he may find himself as a future opponent of either Leo Santa Cruz or Carl Frampton.
Badou Jack vs George Groves
JACK EARNS SPLIT DECISION OVER GROVES: A composed Badou Jack fought a disciplined bout against George Groves to take a split decision nod over a game George Groves (116-111, 115-112, 113-114). Groves was put down in the first by two looping right hands, but stormed back in the successive rounds with a high punch output and sturdy jab. Jack responded in the middle rounds by roughing up Groves with thudding body shots and disrupting the British star’s offense with his own hard jab.
“Groves has a lot of heart,” said Jack, who made the first defense of the WBC belt he took from Anthony Dirrell in April. “Body work is becoming my signature. I wasn’t effective enough because I couldn’t knock him out. I felt like after the first round I could but I just couldn’t. I didn’t go to the body enough.
I haven’t thought about my next fight yet, but there’s a lot of big fights for me. I heard Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. wants to fight me. I want to enjoy this win but I will fight anyone.”
Groves protested the decision by leaving the ring immediately in a huff. Once he views this one on film, I think he’ll reconsider his stance. Over the second half, Jack was the one dictating the action and at times bullying Groves. On my card, I had it 116-111. For all his talent, the hard pill to swallow for Groves is that he’s now 0-3 in world title fights.
Roman Martinez vs Orlando Salido
MARTINEZ ESCAPES WITH DRAW AGAINST RELENTLESS SALIDO: Mexico’s revenge will have to wait for another night with Rocky Martinez retaining his WBO junior lightweight title with a split draw (115-113 Martinez, 115-113 Salido, 114-114).The fight was action-packed with Salido’s brutal body punching forcing Martinez to stand his ground and slug over the bout’s second half.
Unlike most observers, I have no problem with the verdict. I scored the bout 115-113 for Salido. Both scored knockdowns in the same round canceling each other out, but it was still a round I scored for Martinez. I gave the champ 3 of the first 4, and then 5 straight rounds for Salido. However, Martinez on workrate took rounds 10 and 11 for me before Salido punctuated the bout with a strong 12th. If I score one of those rounds differently, it’s a draw.
Both guys are thankfully open to a rubbermatch. The only question is can they recover enough by December to give us a calendar year trilogy.
Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto
MAYWEATHER CRUISES OVER BERTO: Was anyone truly surprised? Floyd Mayweather was his usual self and so was Berto, so there should be no surprise that Mayweather ran away with this one with scores of 120-108, 118-110 and 117-111. Watching this one, I got the feel Mayweather was simply going through the motions with a guy he knew had nothing for him. Berto gave effort, but the skill gap was so wide what played out was akin to big brother indulging a little brother’s hopeless but “cute” effort.
Regardless of what you think of his opponents or when he decided to face them, Mayweather is leaving on top. Any further fights would just be icing on the cake of a legacy already solidified. As long as Floyd is around, the division stands still as fighters position themselves for a big payday over seeking the best competition. For that reason alone, the retirement comes at the right time. A comeback is possible only if we see one of the PBC welterweights come into their own as a star over the next year. For now, just appreciate one of the best fighters the sport has ever seen.