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Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai Confess “Jealous” Vibes on New Single

Kiana Ledé turns her latest single into a searing confessional with the Ella Mai-assisted “Jealous.”

The acoustic guitar rhythms adds to the intimacy which softens Ledé’s occasional crass lyrics (“I’ve never been jealous, but fuck it, I’m jealous“). Ella Mai comes through on the second half and quickly make her intentions clear to a manipulative lover:

I triеd my best for so long
But I’d be damned if I had to sharе (Be damned if)
Don’t make me pull up on you just to make it loud and clear
I know you do this shit on purpose (I know)
Actin’ like you don’t know I’m perfect for ya (Perfect for ya, hey)

“Jealous” is Kiana Ledé’s first offering of 2023 following “Irresponsible” last fall. Stay tuned for more new music.

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