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[Video] All Access Ep. 1 Recap: Davis and Garcia Cite Backgrounds as Decisive Edge in Showdown

"I don't get here by just having a pretty face." - Ryan "This win over Ryan, it's more than just a fight for me." - Tank
Photo Credit: Esther Lin

Episode 1 of the Emmy-winning All Access series finds Gervonta “Tank” Davis and “King” Ryan Garcia beaming with confidence headed into their highly anticipated showdown on April 22.

In all superfight preparations, the combatants search for mental edges. For Davis, he cites Garcia’s “clean” lifestyle as a detriment against his background as a survivor of 90s West Baltimore crime and drug-addicted parents.

“Somebody like Ryan [had it] pretty decent than what I had, you know what I mean,” Tank said. “It’s just two guys that’s coming from two sides of the world. He’s a likeable guy, he’s praising God every time he’s won. Then there’s me and there’s stuff that I’ve been through in my past and the trouble and things like that and I don’t want to keep saying but my mom and dad was on drugs and things like that. I fought mad times in the streets and the gym.”

Since turning pro 10 years ago, Davis has won titles in three weight classes, headlined six pay-per-view events and sold out arenas in Atlanta (State Farm Arena), Brooklyn (Barclays) and Los Angeles (Crypto Arena). Because of these growing accolades, Davis’ motivation against Garcia transcends just a winning a fight — it’s the creating a legacy blueprint for his community.

“Everything I dreamed of is actually coming true,” Davis reflected. “All this is paying off. That’s another reason why I have to win this fight. People that’s coming up behind me, I mainly want to show them that anything is possible. Don’t matter where you come from. This win over Ryan, it’s more than just a fight for me.”

When presented with Davis’ doubts about his mental fortitude, Garcia is incredulous that his championship mettle is still being tested after knockout wins over former contenders and title-holders.

“I don’t even know if I should take that as a diss or a compliment,” Garcia countered. “Thank you, I guess — but I’m coming to whup your ass. I’m here to get nasty and I’m coming at you. And you’ve seen it.

“This is not a sport you joke around in. I don’t get here by just having a pretty face. You don’t knock out a two-time world champion in Javier Fortuna that easily if you’re just a pretty face.

“It’s really jealously, you know? Remember Cain and Abel? They’re just jealous.”

Watch the entire debut episode below.

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