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Reflecting on Nas’ “God’s Son” at 20: Is It His Most Important Album?

Reflecting on Nas' most personal album on its 20th anniversary.

Nas’ God’s Son LP is 20! Back in 2002, the acclaimed Queensbridge emcee was coming off the massive success of 2001’s Stillmatic. But behind the scenes, Nas was going through the turmoil of losing his mother to cancer. The grief from that loss would not only propel the introspective direction of God’s Son, but also signal the focus of his career for the next 10 years.

BeatsBoxingMayhem talks extensively about the album’s lead-up, how it highlights Nas as Hip Hop’s premier storyteller, and why it’s an essential project to understanding who Nasir Jones is as an artist and man.

Spin God’s Son today on your favorite platform and let us know how it holds up.

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