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House of the Dragon S1.E7 Recap: Alicent Drops the Good Girl Act, Daemon the Wartime Husband? Is Helaena the Secret Spoiler?

Alicent finally snaps... but gains a dragon.

Alicent Hightower had shed her genteel mask and put the Realm on notice. For my latest deep-dive look at House of the Dragon, I discuss the ramifications of Alicent snapping and the new encouragement from her father Otto. I also break down the fallout from the bloody fight between Rhaenyra and Alicent’s kids, a dangerous new dragon rider, and the subteferge that emerged from Laena’s funeral. Other conversation topics include:

  • Why Helaena might be spoiling the series right under our noses
  • Did Rhaenyra make another sloppy mistake or a shrewd move in marrying Daemon?
  • Learning Larys’ big weakness
  • Have Rhaenyra and Daemon made a new enemy with Rhaenys?

Look out for new House of the Dragon episodes following each episode.

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  1. One of the thoughts I’ve seen some folks have – and I do agree with them – is that there really isn’t a single likable person or someone to root for on this show. That could be problematic down the road. I’m not sure who from this bunch I really want to see “do well.” I think Rhaenyra really made the only chess move she could by marrying Daemon. I can’t say I saw that coming at all but I think it actually makes sense for both of them at this point.

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