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Hulu’s Mike Ep. 5-6: Desiree Washington Faces Tyson and Us at Rape Trial, Mike’s Prison Rebirth

Mike — “Desiree” – Episode 105 — An 18 year old honor student from a small town in Rhode Island named Desiree Washington accuses Mike of rape. Desiree Washington (Li Eubanks), shown. (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu)

The most controversial episode of Hulu’s Mike Tyson series is here. I discuss the depiction of Desiree Washington’s rape trial and the bold move to make her the protagonist in this episode. For decades, Tyson has given his side of the encounter for decades while Washington remained out of the spotlight since a 1991 Barbara Walters interview. Has this episode changed your thoughts on the case and Tyson? Other topics of this recap include:

  • The community response and why it became less about the individuals and more about the historical realities of racial violence and stereotypes
  • Tyson’s struggles and spiritual rebirth in prison

Two more episodes remain so check back with us next Thursday as we wrap the series.

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