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Hulu’s “Mike” Tyson Series Ep. 3-4: Robin Givens and Don King Begin the Champ’s Tailspin

Tyson's infamous freefall begins here.
Mike — “Lover” – Episode 103 — Mike falls hard for Robin Givens and asks, “How can someone who hates himself love anyone else?’ Robin Givens (Laura Harrier), and Mike Tyson (Trevante Rhodes), shown. (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu)

Episodes 3-4 hit Mike Tyson with an emotional 1-2 punch of manipulation courtesy of Don King and Robin Givens. In our latest recap, I discuss how the series tries to present the flaws of both sides in their brief, tumultuous marriage. Other topics on deck include:

  • Tyson’s treatment of women and a subtle cameo in the opening scene
  • Why Don King’s protrayal was more effective than Robin’s
  • The depiction of the Buster Douglas-Mike Tyson upset

Stay tuned for new Mike episode reviews every Thursday!

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