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House of the Dragon S1.E2 Recap: Is Viserys The New Ned/Robb Stark?! Rhaenys the Puppet Master?

Has Viserys already sealed his fate?

For our breakdown of episode “The Rogue Prince,” we delve into how King Viserys is making the same disastrous mistakes we saw in Game of Thrones with Ned Stark and later his son Robb. Will Viserys also meet a similar fate and doom his family? Other factors in our discussion include:

  • The wildcard that is Rhaenys. Is the “Queen That Never Was” the one pulling the strings behind Corlys’s power play with Daemon?
  • Is Alicent in danger as the Realm’s future queen?
  • What was learned about Daemon from Rhaenyra calling his bluff

Join the discussion and let us know your thoughts. House of the Dragon episode reviews are published every Monday by 4 p.m. ET.


  1. I think the second episode was pretty good. It certainly drew the battle lines well, and we also know enough about the characters involved after two shows to believe this all should be a wildly combustible scenario as it plays out. I only joined GOT for the last 2 1/2 seasons and am by no means a super-fan. It’s nice to be starting out from the beginning with this series. Nice to see you are reviewing this show – enjoyed your work on Westworld.

    1. That’s awesome you’re just starting out! Thanks for the kind words about my Westworld coverage, I’m expecting this series to be even better. I’m excited we’re getting a big battle with a dragon next week. That literally didn’t happen until like 6 seasons into the first series LOL

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