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Westworld S4.E7 “Metanoia” Review: The Man (in Black) Who Sold the World, Charlotte’s Suicide Cult and Caleb’s Reunion

Our latest deep-dive Westworld review for ep. 7 "Metanoia."

We’re back with another deep-dive review of Westworld! This week brings us to the penultimate episode of season 4 and the Man In Black finally realizing his purpose as a chaos agent . The results are pure devastation for several key characters and ominous ramifications for the expected season finale showdown. Other topics in our recap include:

  • Caleb and Frankie’s emotional reunion
  • Bernard’s subtle move to save humanity
  • Dolores/Christina coming to terms with immortality
  • Maeve and Charlotte’s faceoff

Make sure to subscribe to the BeatsBoxingMayhem youtube page as we’ll be dissecting the season finale this Sunday (August 14) right at 10 p.m. ET.


    1. If anyone wakes up Dolores’ memories, it’ll be William. LOL Ed Harris was masterful this episode. A bit of a shame if we only get one episode of him on top. Can’t wait for Sunday…

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