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Westworld S4.E6 “Fidelity” Recap: Caleb’s Video Game Level, Charlotte’s New Fear, Maeve x Frankie’s Alliance!

The rebel weapon has been activated!

The rebel weapon has been activated! We’re back with our latest Westworld recap discussing the big return of Maeve and the new steps taken for the eventual showdown with Charlotte. Other topics of our deep dive recap include:

  • Caleb’s breakthrough and ominous words to Charlotte
  • Charlotte’s facing her biggest fear
  • How Bernard saved Frankie/Cee from an unseen betrayal

Make sure to tune in at Sunday 10 p.m. ET as we cover the final two episodes of season four!

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  1. Maeve certainly knows how to make an immediate impression, doesn’t she? Never boring when she’s on the screen. I understand what they were trying to do showing Caleb in parallel with his grown-up daughter, but I wanted way less Caleb and more Teddy/Christina/Dolores. I’ve gotten weary of the Caleb character and don’t think they needed to extend it so much, unless I’m missing something far down the line that hasn’t been revealed yet. And with this show, you never know.

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