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[Video] Westworld S4.E5 “Zhuangzi” Recap: Charlotte’s Boredom and Contempt, Dolores and William’s Awakenings

Cracks in Charlotte's kingdom? We go in-depth on episode 5!

Heavy is the host head that wears the crown. One week after the jaw-dropping events in episode four “Generation Loss,” Charlotte Hale’s kingdom is showing fissures. Hosts are shockingly killing themselves after contact with awakened humans known as “outliers.” And even the host Man in Black is showing doubts in Charlotte’s leadership. Our episode five recap of “Zhuangzi” explores:

  • The significance of the episode title and Charlotte’s miscalculations in her world-building
  • William’s unexpected vehicle for revenge
  • The long-awaited meeting between Charlotte and Dolores
  • Where the rebels go from here

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  1. Loved this episode – consider this season so far a definite improvement from Seasons 2 & 3. Have seen some taking shots at how the viewership has allegedly gone down severely this year. I don’t put much stock in those since some folks don’t get around to watching – or save up their watches – until well after a season has ended. The acting is top-notch as usual, it’s actually making sense once again…maybe there’s one more season left in this series after all?

    1. I love this season as well, particularly Ed Harris’s performance. I’m thinking he takes over and becomes the main antagonist if there’s a season 5. Humanity would be looking for a leader to get back on track after Charlotte’s defeat (if she’s defeated). William would certainly nominate himself for the job lol Totally agree with your take on the viewership – much like how we consume music, our TV habits are now drastically different. I’d definitely be one that would binge this entire season over a weekend if it were on Netflix lol

      1. If you are right about Ed Harris (the real one) making a comeback for the ages, maybe this whole thing then comes full circle in a final Season 5 where it boils down to him and Dolores (the O.G.) in a final showdown.

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