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[Video] Westworld S4.E4 “Generation Loss” Recap: Charlotte Triumphant! Maeve and Caleb’s Love, New Timeline!

Listen to our recap of the shocking timeline reveals and character fates in the ep. 4.

All hail Queen Charlotte! Listen to our recap of the shocking timeline reveals and character fates in episode four “Generation Loss.” In arguably the best episode of the season (so far), we recap and speculate on the following:

  • How Charlotte succeeded in her master plan
  • Why Caleb and Maeve’s love is the biggest storyline of this season
  • The fate of Caleb’s family
  • The secret weapon reveal to stop Charlotte
  • What we’ve learned about Dolores and Teddy
  • The plot setups for the second half of season

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  1. Ismael, multiple timelines! While I can’t say I’m shocked, I guess initially I was disappointed we couldn’t just have two. Or at least, I thought we had just two. Anyway, as the days go by I’m getting used to where they appear to be headed now. But as usual, just as we started to settle in…things got unsettled again. That’s Westworld.

    1. I’m ashamed to admit they caught me sleeping on this time jump LOL But as you said, Westworld can’t resist flipping timelines. But it doesn’t look like it’ll get as convoluted as season 2. I think with it only being eight episodes that’s forced them to be more linear and so far the story’s benefitting.

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