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[Video] ‘Billy the Kid’ Series Creators Michael Hirst and Donald De Line on How They Demythologized the Outlaw Legend

The writer and producer behind Epix's 'Billy the Kid' discuss bringing the series to life.

Billy the Kid screenwriter Michael Hirst and executive producer Donald De Line recently spoke with BeatsBoxingMayhem on the creative process behind the new Epix series. Hirst is best known for his writing on Vikings and De Line for various projects like Ready Player One and The Italian Job. Billy the Kid represents the first Old West project for both and Hirst explained in depth what attracted him to the outlaw’s story and how he sifted through the surviving sources to craft his story around the Kid’s desire to eventually go straight and how immigration exploitation, racism and gender discrimination shaped his worldview.

Both men also give the rationale behind making the series eight episodes, their favorite scene and characters, and more. Billy the Kid airs every Sunday on Epix at 9 p.m. ET with episodes 1-4 available now On Demand.

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