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[Video] Jada Kingdom Laments Being “D*ckmatized”

Jada Kingdom has a BIG problem.

Jada Kingdom has a big problem and it’s called being being “dickmatized.” For those uninitiated, being dickmatized is catching feelings after great sex from an emotionally unavailable man. And from the lyrics, the sultry Jamaican singer has it BAD:

what’s a girl to do when she’s needy

yuh bed soft it a muss temper pedic

pillow talk caz mi care bout yuh feelings

fuk nice suh mi nuh care how yuh treat mi

but that’s not right,the only thing exciting about us is our sex life

yu a deal wid mi how yuh want but then i’m back to tonight a true the sex gime piece of mind

and yu kno i don’t tolerate bad vibez

man i must be hypnotized

I don’t know where I should fight or salute the man that has Jada playing with birds and snakes in an artificial beach. “Dickmatized” arrives as a follow-up to last year’s single “Jungle” which cracked over 1 million streams after spawning several remixes.

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