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[Video] Benny the Butcher Gets Diddy for New-Age “10 Crack Commandments”

"With Tana Talk 4 I have a chip on my shoulder..."

One day after the 25th death anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G., Benny the Butcher is punctuating the release of the much-anticipated Tana Talk 4 with the Brooklyn-centered visuals of “10 Crack Commandments.”

Building on the list format Biggie used, Benny expands the commandments to 20 street rules to live by with Puff supplying the adlibs (“Fourteen, Just lead by example, nigga/ ‘Cause you could be richer, but my hand don’t equal triple the financial difference…).

Since Tana Talk 3 made most year-end lists in 2018, Benny has been a lyrical tear with a steady barrage of projects (The Plugs I Met, Griselda’s WWCD, Burden of Proof, The Plugs I Met 2 and Pyrex Picasso). But with Tank Talk 4, the Buffalo emcee is making a point to disprove naysayers who think he’s peaked.

“With Tana Talk 4 I have a chip on my shoulder.  No one thinks I can recreate that energy.  I’m not trying to create the same energy, but TT3 was who I was then, what I was going through.  The things you hear me talking about on Tana Talk 4, is me now and who I’ve become” Benny says.  “It’s special to me because I get to talk about things that I would never talk about on any other project. Tana Talk is the series where you get me, my deepest, darkest feelings.  I’m sure people are going to be surprised at the things I’m saying on TT4, but they are also going to get an inside look at things.”

Stream and purchase Tana Talk 4 via your favorite DSP:

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