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[Video] Les Nubians Return with Heartfelt Call for “Liberation”

For their first track of 2020, Les Nubians seeks the divine in us all.

It’s been nine years since the release of Les Nubians’s last full LP (Nu Revolution). Although many careers and trends have come and gone during this span, the French sisters have maintained a devoted following through extensive touring. And with the world’s current pandemic upheaval, the duo’s persistent challenge for listeners to view themselves as world citizens carries more weight on their return single “Liberation.”

Over the course of their 20-plus year career, Les Nubians have grown adept at singing and writing in English. “Liberation” is one such example as Helene addresses the spiritual and psychological angst during uncertain times (Where’s our power? Where’s our will?… Show the best in you, the divine in you) while Celia confronts the horrors of warfare (State of War. Human bombs explode…It’s not our fate to tremble…).

Visually and sonically, the sisters remain a living time capsule, moving with vibrant grace, confidence and enduring beauty that makes “Makeda” seem like yesterday.

Will 2020 give us our first full-length Les Nubians project in nearly a decade? One can only hope. Download “Liberation” here.

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