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[Video] Megan Thee Stallion Holds Court on “Captain Hook”

Know it's good when you chewin' and you singin'

When you’re Megan Thee Stallion, the fun comes to you. In her new visuals for “Captain Hook,” Meg’s studio session quickly turns into an impromptu party. The Houston emcee is fully immersed in “real Hot Girl shit” mode with lyrics focused on her sexual prowess.

Fuck him good, introduce me to his mama, huh (To his mama)
Thought he had me ’til I came out with the condom, huh (With the condom)
Drinking D’USSÉ out the motherfuckin’ bottle, hey (Out the motherfuckin’ bottle)
I’m a rapper, not no motherfuckin’ model, huh (Not no motherfuckin’ model)
Got a nigga, but I think I’ll have another, huh (Think I’ll have another)
I’m too sexy to be fucking under covers, huh

Suga is available on all streaming platforms. Those camo shorts though…

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