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Bad Bunny Tributes Kobe Bryant on “6 Rings”

Bad Bunny drops the first of many heartfelt musical tributes to the sports icon.

The world is still reeling from the untimely passing of sports legend Kobe Bryant. Latin superstar Bad Bunny is the first artist to put his grief into words with the heartfelt musical tribute “6 Rings.”

Although Bryant won 5 championships during his NBA career, Bunny explains the additional ring as referencing the fulfilling family life the Lakers start created:

You won 6 rings

5 with the NBA and one in marriage that gave you your daughters

Thinking that one of them left with you

Got me outta control

But nah, it’s so you don’t play ball alone in heaven…

Yesterday, Bunny took to IG to explain how deeply inspirational Bryant was in his life.

I would never have imagined that this would hurt me so much! 💔 I still remember the first time I saw a basketball game, at age 7 with my dad, and it was a game of this genius, and from that day on he became my favorite player x100pre !! I have never mentioned it because it does not necessarily have to do with music, but this man has been an inspiration in many ways for me to be what I am today. RIP GOAT !!! Rest in peace!!!! Thank you for inspiring me so much! Thanks for so many emotions !!! I feel so sad!!! It was a legend! Together with a beautiful creature and promise of basketball as was your daughter Gianna WOW! It breaks my soul to know that very soon I was going to meet you and share with you! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! #RIPMAMBA

Listen to the Spanish track below.

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