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Lil Nas X and “Big Nas” Link for “Rodeo (Remix)”

The original Nas and his new namesake drop their first collaboration.

Fresh off a surprise performance last night at the Grammys, Lil Nas X and the original Nas have released their first collaboration with the “Rodeo (Remix).”

Originallly featuring Cardi B, Nas drops a quick, aggressive verse focused on his womanizing ways as a “Rap don” with “coutnry flavor.”

I might spin the block on twelve horses
Buy the block and get a boss bitch
Grown man, but when the Henny hit
I might Milly Rock then get up off it
In the new days with my old ways
Game change, but the name don’t…

Lil Nas X took home two Grammys last night for “Best Music Video” and “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” for “Old Town Road.” Stream the “Rodeo Remix” below.

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