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[Video] Training Camp: Gervonta Davis Perfecting Body Attack and Uppercuts for Gamboa

Gervonta Davis looks ready to do damage this Saturday...
Jason McDonald / SHOWTIME

ATLANTA — Gervonta “Tank” Davis kicked off fight week with a public workout heavily focused on perfecting a body attack for Yuriorkis Gamboa this Saturday.

Davis wasn’t interested in a prolonged warming up session, prompting trainer Calvin Ford to tease him about “just wanting to hit something.” The joke proved true as Davis made assistant coach Kenny Ellis throw in the towel after taking a barrage of hooks.


While Davis is rightly favored over the older Gamboa, there’s intrigue on how well Davis can handle a fighter who can possibly equal his hand speed. In his mitt work, particularly the second video, you can see an emphasis on finishing his combinations with a short, inside uppercut. Last week, Tank mentioned on the media call that he’s been watching a lot of Gamboa’s 2014 loss to Terence Crawford. And how did Bud finish off Gamboa? You guessed it — with an uppercut.


Check back here for continued Davis-Gamboa fight week coverage including the final press conference on Thursday (December 26), the weigh-in on Friday (December 26) and exclusive fight night and post-fight coverage on Saturday (December 28) at State Farm Arena.

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