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Benny the Butcher and Pusha T Move Massive Weight on “18 Wheeler”

"I flooded my corner right after the scale work..."


How do you follow up a  critically-acclaimed project like Tana Talk 3? You do what any smart hustler would do — make strategic partnerships and keep flooding the streets with product. Benny the Butcher does just that on Pusha T-assisted “18 Wheeler.” The ominous track is the first offering from Benny’s new project Plugs I Met.

“The anticipation for this project is crazy. I came out with Tana Talk 3 and it’s a classic and everybody wants to see what I am going to do next. People are on my dick, you can bet that. It’s like they are pitting me against myself” Benny told Complex.  “People are waiting to see if I will fail, or if I will succeed.  Trust me, I delivered with Plugs I Met; I took my time with it.  It’s fucking crazy!”

Plugs I Met drops on June 21.

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