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[Video] Laugh Now, Die Later: Joaquin Phoenix’s Menacing Joker Takes Shape in First Teaser


Sometimes, you have no idea what you want until you actually get it. There were skeptics last year when word was announced about a solo Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix in the starring role. Most of those qualms will be silenced with today’s teaser trailer.

This version of the iconic Batman villain narrates as a tragic story where a social misfit slowly descends into madness and later murderous revenge against a society that’s treated him with callous indifference.

I’m not completely sold on the makeup style, but Phoenix’s Joker laugh is a perfect 10.

Joker hits theaters October 4.



  1. Im not a super hero purists so I cant really comment from that perspective but from a film fans view I think this looks dope/eerie… Did you ever see the ‘Mr Mercedes’ series Ismael? For some reason it just popped into my head watching that trailer…

    1. I sure haven’t but I looked up a few of the trailers and I’m intrigued. Going to add it to my watchlist. Also just realized Mr. Mercedes is based on a Stephen King book so I need to pick that up.

      1. Theres two seasons you can binge and both are seriously tense, typical Stephen King psychological stuff that messes with your head where youre praying certain people dont get killed off haha but its a really dope series brother… I havnt read the book as I only tend to read historical and autobiographical stuff so Im not sure how true it is to the book, but man I thought the whole cast nailed it as a series…

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