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KO of the Year Contender: Teofimo Lopez’s Double Left Hook Finishes Magdaleno


Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/ Top Rank

FRISCO, TEXAS — Teofimo Lopez kicked off his 2019 with a monstrous KO and a bit a controversy with a seventh-round stoppage last night at the Ford Center.

Magdaleno was no match for the 21-year-old prospect, who drew blood on Magdaleno’s nose and cheek with an assortment of counter uppercuts and hooks. Lopez’s punch variety increased the one-sided beating as the rounds progressed.

The end came when Lopez launched a lead left hook that left Magdaleno defenseless for a follow-up shot that sprawled him on the canvas.

Lopez immediately commenced a victory dance, stood over Magdaleno and mimicked shoveling dirt on him. Magdaleno’s brother Jessie was infuriated and had to be restrained and escorted from the ring.

I mentioned on Twitter that I can accept post-match taunting when there’s a personal issue/blood feud between the participants. This fight was not that. Lopez was facing a man who wasn’t on his level and just trying to end the fight with dignity. The taunting came off classless and lacking respect, not “entertaining” as Lopez tried to justify. Hopefully, his handlers impart this on him. And, I’d urge the fans to also allow fighters, especially brash 21 year-olds, to make mistakes and grow.

Finally, this can’t all be put on Lopez. Magdaleno’s corner and the referee did this fighter a great disservice. Magdaleno didn’t have the power to turn the fight around and should have been pulled out a few rounds earlier. He came out for the seventh essentially defenseless, leading to this brutal KO.


  1. Teofimo looked great, his speed and uppercuts were brilliant… With regards to the celebrations what I didnt like was the commentary team laughing at them, they should know alot better with all their experience, I thought the ones laughing were disgraceful as at that point Magdaleno could of been in all kinds of trouble with the beating he took…

    1. Totally agree, fam. The commentators get so invested in selling the marquee fighter that a lot of times they get tone deaf to what’s happening.

      Teofimo did a podcast last week and said the post-match celebration was due to Magdaleno taunting him about his home country before and during the match. Adds a bit more context, but from his tone I get the impression he’ll be dialing it back in future fights.

      Did you get a chance to watch the Ted Cheeseman fight? Was trying to track him down for an interview before the Sergio fight.

      1. Wsup Ismael. I didn’t see the build up so that does make more sense regards to the celebrations, but it was more so the commentators I was disappointed in. I can understand boxers getting abit carried away especially when trash talking is involved.

        Yeah man I saw the Cheeseman fight, it was disappointing. Hes a good fighter with some hype over here, I think he may of been slightly rushed in hindsight, that and also Sergio being overlooked, especially if you went by the bookmakers. Ted’s lack of defence was concerning though, I didn’t like seeing him blocking shots with his face! I thought he just looked very one dimensional, like some people have said them 12rounds could have taken years of his career. TBH I didn’t know much about Sergio beforehand but he was a tricky fighter, I really liked his jab and counters, he was punishing Ted with them all night. Whats funny is I thought he made really good work, like the jabs and counters look really ordinary… but it was really good work (if that makes sense haha) almost like he oldman’d Ted.

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