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AZ Plots Active 2019, Drops Visuals for “It’s Time”

Welcome back, Sosa!


Welcome back, AZ. After a relatively quiet 2018, Sosa is promising an active 2019 that will culminate with his long-awaited sequel Doe or Die 2.

Rhyming over the instrumental for Kool G Rap and DJ Polo’s classic “It’s a Demo,” AZ’s flow and imagery remains sharp 25 years into his career.

My first debut came through like Jeru / Played who? Nias smoking that cake too / Passed out, got clout they rap ’bout from the trap route / Try’na close on Shaq house / Still buzzin’ / Was the king of the kitchen oven / In the spot with two coke pots like kissin’-cousins / Scratch that / Too fly for flashbacks / Got my eyes on a G5 ‘craft, all matte black / More moolah, dirt-bikes out in Dubai / F*ck 50 feet in the sky, I need a new high.

Indeed, AZ. It’s time for that new album.

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