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Watch the Trailer for Jordan Peele’s Nightmarish Family Horror Film ‘Us’


Ever heard about the danger of meeting your doppelganger? Jordan Peele ups the consequences by showing the nightmare a family endures when they confront their ghoulish copies in the new trailer for Us.

A loving family is on vacation when they come face to face with these twisted versions of themselves. The evil doppelgangers want to replace the normal family, but you can bet Peele has a twist in store. The young son, who first comes in contact with the doppelgangers, is likely the key. I’ve even seen a social media post predicting the mother’s (Lupita N’yongo) lack of timing with Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It” also hints at a flaw in her character.

All speculation ends when Us hits theaters on March 15.

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