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[Video] Kash Doll Wants the Luxurious Life in “Ice Me Out”

"... it’s more to getting to know someone than Netflix and chill."


Female independence is the wave, but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop spoiling that special woman in your life. Kash Doll is intent on reminding you of both in her lavish visuals for “Ice Me Out.”

Sporting jewel-covered Versace boots and posting up in a life-size ice sculpture, Kash wants guys to remember going above and beyond is a must for relationship growth.

“This is a song to remind guys that there are still independent women who can provide and spoil themselves,” she explains. “They can afford to buy their own things, but they still want to be treated special, courted and taken on dates, go out and experience new things together, exchange nice gifts… it’s more to getting to know someone than Netflix and chill.”

Kash Doll has had a breakout 2018. She released the Brat Mail project which has generated 13 million global streams to date and spawned her biggest single to date in “For Everybody.”

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