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[Video] Feature Film Worthy? Body Ink Leads to Terror in ‘The Tattooist’ Trailer

An ink parlor becomes a hellish nightmare.


Behind the acclaimed work of a renowned tattoo studio lurks an unimaginable evil. From the mind of Michael Wong comes The Tattooist, a trailer he hopes will lead to funding for a full-length project.

The killer/tattooist (Wang Yanhu) drugs and imprisons his customers turned victims, forcing them into a desperate fight for survival.

The premise has lots of promise. The presentation is reminiscent of Hostel with the torture scenes. However, the mention of a “sinister secret” leads one to believe the potential film might take pains to give back-story of what events have shaped our killer. Speaking of said killer, don’t expect him to be a sympathetic tortured soul. The goofy jig he cuts to conclude the trailer conveys a villain that brings a twisted sense of humor to his brutality.

Currently, The Tattooist has been working the festival circuit and has won accolades from prestigious events such as The Independent Horror Movie Awards (Best Gore) and The Top Indie Film Awards (Most Terrifying).

For more on Wong’s work, visit

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