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[Trailer] The X-Men Battle the Cosmic Threat of Jean Grey’s “Dark Phoenix”

The X-Men saga at Fox closes on a dark note.


The X-Men’s near two-decade run of films with Fox will conclude next year with the release of Dark Phoenix.

The story-line is familiar territory for comic and movie fans alike. Jean Grey struggling to contain the infinite limits of her power was thoroughly explored in X:2 and X3: The Last Stand. The new cast has also touched on Jean’s psychological conflicts in Apocalypse.

So what does this new film bring to the table? Ideally, Dark Phoenix could finally bring the alien Kree and Shi’ar Empire into this battle. In the comics, Jean’s lack of control results in the death of billions of aliens when she casually inverts a star. The aliens come to Earth for retribution. This puts the X-Men in the difficult position of trying to simultaneously stop Jean while holding off the aliens from killing her.

As exciting as that may sound, this trailer appears to follow a more conservative¬† route and focuses on the psychological drama of Jean’s mental degradation. And while I’m certain Sophie Turner can do a fantastic job with this angle, it would’ve been cool to see Fox take a risk on their final X project before Marvel takes over.

Dark Phoenix hits theaters on February 14.

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