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[Video] Deontay Wilder and Billy Joe Saunders Make Peace After ‘Chicken Fight’

No pieces of chicken will be thrown on fight night!


BELFAST — A mere 24 hours after a cat and mouse chase over a thrown piece of chicken, Deontay Wilder and Billy Joe Saunders have come to their senses.

The two champions are both at Windsor Park for Tyson Fury’s comeback bout against Francesco Pianeta. Wilder is there as a commentator and to hype a future fight with Fury while Saunders is in attendance to support the “Gypsy King.”

The anger from last night’s near brawl was gone as both men embraced and offered photo-ops for media.


Things were wildly different on Friday night. Saunders approached Wilder’s camp at Nando’s restaurant, apparently over being accused of racism by Wilder. The strong words escalated when Saunders threw a piece of chicken at Wilder and ran out the venue with the heavyweight title-holder’s entourage in hot pursuit.


The theatrics aren’t needed on fight night, so you can bet Frank Warrren informed both men to be on their best behavior and not screw up his investment.

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