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[Trailer] DC Looks to Bring Family-Fun in SHAZAM!

DC Comics might finally have a franchise the whole family can enjoy...


DC Comics might finally have a franchise the whole family can enjoy. The trailer is here SHAZAM!, which tells the origin story of the iconic super-hero and his teenage alter-ego, Billy Baston (Asher Angel).

Baston is a troubled foster kid who gets his powers after a chance encounter with a wizard. Now whenever he yells the word “shazam,” he turns into a brawny, spandex-clad hero with the strength to rival Superman’s. Of course, such god-like powers in the hands of a teenager can lead to comedic scenarios as seen in this trailer. For one, Baston has to learn basic super-hero techniques (flying) while preparing for a showdown against the nefarious┬áDr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong).

Unlike previous DC films, SHAZAM! looks to have a clear tone in making this a light-hearted family affair. If that sticks, they could potentially have a unique property that captures every demographic.

The challenge down the line will be evolving the character when Shazam interacts with other DC heroes and later realizes he has to become serious in dealing with the coming cosmic threat that is Darkseid.

SHAZAM! will be released on April 5, 2019.

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