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Remy Ma and Lil Kim are Snatching Crowns (and Wigs) on “Wake Me Up”

The much hyped collaboration between Remy Ma and Lil Kim is here.


After a month of teasing, we finally get to hear the much-hyped collaboration between Remy Ma and Lil Kim. And in a surprise twist, the ladies have reworked the Hardcore classic “Queen Bitch.”

The ladies are in battle mode with Kim also on chorus duties (“You bitches ain’t humble enough… These fake ass bitches are done.”) and fires off a “bitch” heavy verse at rivals. Of course, the aggression and bad blood history with Nicki Minaj will have many speculating this joint is throwing shots (Kim has already denied this). Whatever the case, this a cool single street single with nostalgia elements for the older heads. Still, I would’ve preferred they spit over the original beat.

“Wake Me Up” is available now at all streaming outlets.

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