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When in doubt, go with what worked in the past. Remy Ma continues the rollout for her new album by harkening back to a 90s classic with “Melanin Magic.” The source material is Mint Condition’s “Pretty Brown Eyes,” and Chris Brown hook helps maintain the R&B feel and smooth out Remy’s harsh delivery.

This is one of those songs where a good video can make or break it. And from the cover art, I’d lean more towards them delivering one that’ll be received positively on social media.



After a month of teasing, we finally get to hear the much-hyped collaboration between Remy Ma and Lil Kim. And in a surprise twist, the ladies have reworked the Hardcore classic “Queen Bitch.”

The ladies are in battle mode with Kim also on chorus duties (“You bitches ain’t humble enough… These fake ass bitches are done.”) and fires off a “bitch” heavy verse at rivals. Of course, the aggression and bad blood history with Nicki Minaj will have many speculating this joint is throwing shots (Kim has already denied this). Whatever the case, this a cool single street single with nostalgia elements for the older heads. Still, I would’ve preferred they spit over the original beat.

“Wake Me Up” is available now at all streaming outlets.



With “tropical vibes” (read: dancehall) being all the craze right now, Fat Joe and Remy Ma revisit their Plata O Plomo project with lush visuals for “Heartbreak.” Taking place at a beautiful Miami villa, Remy rhymes about traveling the globe with her lover while Joe tries to seduce his love interest.


The queen is back? Although her beef with Remy Ma has simmered down, Nicki Minaj is looking to have the final say with her video for the “No Frauds” diss. Revisiting the bars aimed at Remy still won’t set the world on fire, but these visuals are well-done from an aesthetic standpoint (particularly the crown, throne and face mask clips). Will this be enough to get Remy back in her bag?

A$AP Ferg ft. Remy Ma – “East Coast”

Posted: April 6, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Bring the ruckus! The “Trap Lord” A$AP Ferg brings his lively Harlem swag on “East Coast.” Remy Ma continues her streak of murdering features that began on Phresher’s “Wait a Minute.” And like that banger, Remy is chopping off the head of a thinly veiled female adversary.


Foxy Brown is not taking that Remy Ma’s stray shot lying down. The Brooklyn emcee is throwing down her name in the beef gauntlet by releasing a preview of her “Takeover” backed diss “Breaks Over.” After Remy’s brutal “ShEther,” many speculated on if a Nicki Minaj response could muster the same level of disrespect, naming getting personal about Remy’s recent miscarriage. Well, Foxy has no qualms about taking it there.

I’m a motherfuckin’ BK savage

And I heard about that bitch’s miscarriage

For those unaware, Remy and Foxy already have a combative history. We can be most assured that Fox will get a response.


Talk about beating a dead horse. Instead of waiting to see if Nicki Minaj responds to Shether, Remy is staying on the offensive with the new diss “Another One.” She borrows Drake’s inflections for her flow and makes reference to Nicki shooting a video with Future and potentially ignoring this battle (the artwork itself comes from a recent Nicki IG post). Definitely not in “ShEther’s” realm as this follows the “Back to Back” template way too closely in trying to make a club diss record.

I guess “ShEther” was the KO and this is the victory lap. Are y’all riding with Remy or is this overkill?