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Celebrate Stack Bundles’ Birthday with New Track “F**k You Want Me To Do?”

Happy Birthdy, Stack Bundles!


Today, Stack Bundles would have celebrated his 34th birthday. In honor of the occasion, Stack’s family has unearthed an unreleased gem and album news that fans have been waiting for.

In honor of the late, great Stack Bundles’ birthday today, we’re proud to present an unreleased track of his: “Fuck You Want Me To Do?” The song, loaded with Stack’s brand of lyricism and Far Rockaway wit, is the first in a line of upcoming unreleased music, as we’re honored to finally announce his debut album “RockStar” is in the works and will be released in 2017. This time, the deal is done and it’s coming. To his fans worldwide, we apologize for the wait, but trust and believe the album he always wanted to make is in motion as we speak. More details on the way soon. RIP Rayquon “Stack Bundles” Elliott, we love you. Happy Birthday.

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