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New Artist Spotlight: Walkin Contradiction – “Hip Hop Intervention”

Check out and rate New Jersey-based artist Walkin Contradiction...


Every day, I receive dozens of emails from ambitious artists putting in work on the independent scene. Often, they ask for my advice on how to improve their music. But in my opinion, that advice needs to come from you, the consumer. Today marks the beginning of a new series here on BeatsBoxingMayehm where I’ll be spotlighting independent artists will the sole purpose of exposure and getting needed feedback from the general public.

First up is the multi-faceted Walkin Contradiction, a New Jersey-based spoken word/Hip-Hop artist, motivational speaker, freelance writer and the owner of the label Beyond Music Records. His latest track is a collaboration with producer Willscore on “Hip Hop Intervention.” The theme here is that Hip-Hop has become “hazardous” to our ears, and Walkin Contradiction plans to eradicate the problem by going back to basics: “dope beat, dope lyrics and a real message.”

The track is available on iTunes and other digital outlets. More of Walkin Contradiction’s music can be found on his official Facebook page. In the meantime, check out the video and give your feedback.

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