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[Video] Lions Gate Drops Trailer for Secret Blair Witch Sequel

The original Blair Witch project finally gets a proper sequel.


After years of false starts and general apathy, fans of the original Blair Witch Project have had their prayers answered. Lions Gate has revealed the forthcoming horror film dubbed The Woods is actually a sequel to the 1999 smash hit, picking up with the brother of Heather Donahue braving the cursed woods to locate his lost sibling.

You’d think after what happened the first time, he’d leave well enough alone (there’s even a sign that states don’t go into the woods after nightfall). But what would be horror movies be without people making dumb decisions?

Personally, I was intrigued years ago when the plan was to make a film on Elly Kedward, the actual witch from the 1700s. However, with the release of Puritan era The Witch earlier this year, that tale would seem redundant. The trailer looks good, but the question that lingers will be if the upped production enhances the creepy atmosphere, or devalues the source material to your average teen scream fare.

At least we know they got one thing right in not acknowledging the 2000’s Book of Shadows sequel. *shudders*

Blair Witch 2016 hits theaters on September 16.


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