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After years of false starts and general apathy, fans of the original Blair Witch Project have had their prayers answered. Lions Gate has revealed the forthcoming horror film dubbed The Woods is actually a sequel to the 1999 smash hit, picking up with the brother of Heather Donahue braving the cursed woods to locate his lost sibling.

You’d think after what happened the first time, he’d leave well enough alone (there’s even a sign that states don’t go into the woods after nightfall). But what would be horror movies be without people making dumb decisions?

Personally, I was intrigued years ago when the plan was to make a film on Elly Kedward, the actual witch from the 1700s. However, with the release of Puritan era The Witch earlier this year, that tale would seem redundant. The trailer looks good, but the question that lingers will be if the upped production enhances the creepy atmosphere, or devalues the source material to your average teen scream fare.

At least we know they got one thing right in not acknowledging the 2000’s Book of Shadows sequel. *shudders*

Blair Witch 2016 hits theaters on September 16.




Bebop and Rocksteady? Casey Jones? I’m officially 8 years old again. The second trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Out of the Shadows finds our foursome struggling with new threats and finding team harmony against Shredder’s growing army. While most were disappointed with the first movie, this one looks promising. Observant fans will notice WWE star Sheamus in the role of Rocksteady. And is that Krang’s cybernetic body I spy at the 1:31 mark?!

All we need now is Usagi Yojimbo


Adrien Broner is the first fighter to get a second installment on HBO’s “2 Days” documentary short. This time, the 48 hours leading up to Broner’s signature win over Antonio DeMarco are chronicled. Broner will be back in the ring February 16 to defend his WBC lightweight title against Gavin Rees.


Nas “Another Black Girl Lost”

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After a bunch of “Nasty Nas”¬†styled tracks over the last year, Nasir¬†Jones slaps us in the face with a reminder he’s still on a major labal¬†and has to play the game. With a quirky beat that would find a nice home on a Young Money compilation, Nas updates his narrative on a black woman with no shame or discretion. The lyrics are good and the flow improves significantly with each verse. But much like the original, the commercial slickness¬†of the production and chorus leaves you with the “ehh” feeling a lot Nas fans had back in ’96 when the original track dropped on It Was Written. No word yet on if this will make the new Life Is Good¬†album.




Mark Wahlberg is ready to follow up Christian Bale and Melissa Leo’s Oscar wins¬†for the The Fighter with a sequel focusing on the famous Gatti-Ward trilogy.

Although hardcore fight fans and critics have given the film high marks, the former were disappointed that Ward’s most famous matches against Gatti weren’t included. The film ends several years before that famed trilogy, which earned Ward his highest career payday of $1 million in the third contest.

“We’re gonna talk about doing number two,” Wahlberg told Extra from the red carpet of the Academy Awards. “We’re gonna do the Gatti-Ward trilogy and make it real.”

Ward went 1-2 against Gatti and retired with a record of 38-13 with 27 KOs. At press time, neither Bale nor Leo have confirmed their willingness to participate in a sequel.


You can put me in the camp of those who wanted to see the Gatti fights on the big screen. Nonetheless, the film was still very good with the story they told. Ironically, in the most critically acclaimed boxing films the actual sport is secondary to the issues the boxer faces outside the ring. The challenge would be making the Gatti-Ward relationship compelling enough to keep audiences enthralled.

Personally, I think they can do it. Gatti and Ward didn’t start off as friends. After that hellacious first fight where Ward beat Gatti within an inch of his life in round nine, and the second bout where Gatti busted Ward’s eardrum, a grudging respect blossomed into a friendship. That still didn’t stop them from beating the hell out of each other in the rubbermatch. Plus, they can go into Ward’s training of Gatti for Arturo’s last few fights, and the tragedy of his suicide, or murder depending on your viewpoint.

The big question is whether Melissa Leo and Christian Bale, after winning Oscars, are willing to let their characters play a secondary role to the Ward-Gatti relationship.

What do you think? Should Wahlberg leave The Fighter brand as is, or press for franchise status with a sequel? Before you vote, check the highlights from the Gatti-Ward trilogy.