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Bridge Wars 2016: KRS-One Blasts MC Shan on New Diss “Still Huggin A Nut (S.H.A.N.)”

Bridge Wars 2016?!!!


No, you have been transported back to 1986. 30 years later, we have new round in the legendary Bridge Wars with MC Shan and KRS-One trading insults.

Shouldn’t the “beef” between these two be confined to documentaries? Yes, in theory, but anyone who’s listened to a Shan interview in the last 20 years knows the Queensbridge pioneer has never been comfortable with the narrative KRS ended his career with “The Bridge Is Over.” Sure, the two have shared the stage, most notably in this clip I shot of Shan playing hypeman while Kris rocked “South Bronx.”

Nonetheless, an emcee’s competitive fire never wavers. Last week, Shan began clamoring for a rematch and dropped 3 minutes of bars dissing KRS.

As expected, it didn’t take long for KRS to respond with a track clowning Shan for his past drug use (Technically I didn’t take you out/The crack did…”), and waiting 30 years to ask for a rematch (“I killed Shan already/So this must be his ghost”). My favorite line was the name flip (“You the opposite of Nas/ Just spell your name backwards.”).

If you go on Shan’s Instagram, he’s made it clear they’ll be keeping it Hip-Hop and the mutual respect is still there. Are you up for these new round of disses, or should does a new battle tarnish their legendary 80s feud?


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