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You gotta love the irony when it comes to Blac Youngsta. Out on bail for allegedly shooting up Young Dolph’s truck at CIAA, the man starts off the track professing his innocence. Not even five seconds later, he’s threatening to kill Young Dolph with lines about “putting him on a t-shirt” and “shooting him in the face on a church day.” Don’t expect this beef to end anytime soon.



Foxy Brown is not taking that Remy Ma’s stray shot lying down. The Brooklyn emcee is throwing down her name in the beef gauntlet by releasing a preview of her “Takeover” backed diss “Breaks Over.” After Remy’s brutal “ShEther,” many speculated on if a Nicki Minaj response could muster the same level of disrespect, naming getting personal about Remy’s recent miscarriage. Well, Foxy has no qualms about taking it there.

I’m a motherfuckin’ BK savage

And I heard about that bitch’s miscarriage

For those unaware, Remy and Foxy already have a combative history. We can be most assured that Fox will get a response.

Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj – “Make Love”

Posted: February 24, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj are reunited, but it’s the latter that steals the show on “make Love.” In a verse that will surely fuel the rumors of a Nicki-Remy beef, Minaj goes in on a anonymous challenger to the throne.

You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap

You gotta sell records

You gotta get plaques

There’s a few other lines about this unnamed adversary needing to stay in her “bum ass” place. But before we all jump out the window, it should be noted that Remy has said she has no problems with Nicki. And because the talent pool on the mainstream level is so thin for female emcees, every aggressive bar from either Remy or Nicki will be perceived as directed towards each other, for better or worse.

“Make Love” is available now on all streaming platforms.


“I’ve been sparring you for the last five years…” Dolph

Young Dolph is ready to challenge for the crown. The Memphis young gunner is coming at Yo Gotti’s neck on the Zaytoven-produced “Play Wit Yo’ Bitch.” Dolph gets very personal byย disparaging Gotti’s brother, their past business dealings and who truly reps Memphis correctly. And in true “Hit ‘Em Up” fashion, the track ends with a minute-long rant.

Dolph’s Gelato mixtape drops February 3.


A rehab stint for drugs and depression hasn’t stopped Kid Cudi from making a threatening promise to Drake on social media. After being the target of a few slick lines on Drake’s “Two Birds One Stone” this week, Cudi challenged the OVO leader to a one on one confrontation.

Apparently, they don’t take away your phone privileges anymore during recovery. It’ll be interesting to see how Drake plays this since he received backlash for using Cudi’s condition as a punchline.


Beanie Sigel is following up his Taxstone appearance with bars aimed at Meek Mill on “I’m Coming.” Most of the direct shots are in the song’s second half and the beat gives this a 90s underground tape feel. Unfortunately, Beans’ last shooting has left him with one lung and therefore robbed him of the aggressive delivery he had in his prime. It blunts the potency of some of his disses, but it’s still strong on the lyrical tip.

Will update the dirty version when it drops.



They say the Meek shall inherit the earth/ So I went and dug your ass up/ Because Drizzy bodied you first…

We might have an early TKO on our hands. The Game has wasted no time in replying to Meek Mill’s “OOOUUU” freestyle by dropping his own version. Game’s rendition is more polished as it uses Young M.A’s vocals to emphasize his punchlines (which are in abundance). Game ridicules Meek for his gunplay talk over taking a fistfight challenge (“You jump Quentin Miller and now you don’t scrap/ It was time to go at Drizzy and now you don’t rap…”). Beanie Sigel catches some heavy shrapnel too:

Take Beans back to rehab/ On Instagram looking like a motherfuckin’ beanbag

The nigga Hov gave you the game/ You ain’t soak it/ You was supposed to throw up the Roc/ Not smoke it

Omelly gets comically dismissed using his own Sway in the Morning freestyle, and Sean Kingston also gets clowned for good measure. You never want to count out emcees the caliber of Sigel and Meek, but right now the momentum is fully in Game’s favor.